Why choosing 'modular'?

The key point for a real modular room is to use prefabricated partitions that can be simply mounted and dismounted many times on-site without losing their mechanical strength and resistance. This is the only way you can be sure to be ready to follow every future technological or architectural change such like, just for example: changing one monitor, making room for a different accessory or, why not, even to maintain all those fundamental and expensive utilities that lie behind the walls. That's why is very important to absolutely avoid using screws to hold in place main structural pieces like the covering panels.

Our tech team has designed the Salus system keeping in mind this fundamental principle. In fact, our panels are firmly hung by gravity on the sub-structure and they can be easily and quickly mounted and dismounted many times without causing any damage to the overall structure. This is just one of the key features about our System, but there are many, many more.
We invite you to check our system out by contacting us, seeing for yourself our show-room (including a demo operating room and ICU) or by simply reading our catalogues:

The numerous benefits of a modular environment can be briefly summarized with the following list:

1. Lower costs for civil engineering works

2. All utilities can be inspected, anytime, effortlessly;

3. Quick and clean system maintenance;

4. 90% repositionable system;

5. Utilities direct access from maintenance corridor;

6. Electric shock safe fully grounded structure;

7. Fast and easy upgrade of the O.R.