Who we are

30 years of experience
Over 6.000 completed projects
Installations in more than 40 countries and 4 continents

Adam Srl is an entrepreneurial reality founded in 1990 by Claudio D'Angelo.
The experience gained over the years in the field of modular partitions has allowed its founders to characterize the company from the outset for the care given to the product and for its perfect installation.
In 1995, thanks to the high quality of its product and to the initiative of its founder, Adam is one of the first Italian companies to enter the market of the former Soviet Union, immediately achieving important results and establishing itself in a difficult market such as the Russian one. At the beginning of the 2000s the SALUS wall was born, dedicated to the hospital market

This important evolution will allow the company to diversify its reference markets, a characteristic that will prove to be fundamental in the following years. Alongside the office partitions market, an increasingly important market is developing in the healthcare sector that will lead the company to carry out over 80 projects in various hospitals only on the national territory.
In 2006, thanks to the first participation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Adam strengthens its presence beyond national borders, creating important distribution relationships in countries such as Switzerland, France, Holland and Germany.
Between 2009 and 2010 the strong domestic market crisis pushes the new generation of the company, represented by the founder's son, Flavio D'Angelo, to internationalize the company by implementing exports at the highest level and differentiating the markets of reference.
The company concentrates maximum effort in the area of the Middle East and North Africa, consolidating itself in important markets such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Arab Emirates, Oman, Algeria and Libya. An important synergistic effort that in just a few years leads the company to achieve a 70% export turnover share.
It is in the course of 2012 that Adam becomes one of the very few companies able to guarantee its customers the supply of a range of 360° collection consisting of blind partition walls, glass walls, hospital walls, metal walls, stone walls, walls with integrated and customizable technologies at all levels.
2015 is characterized by the creation of the new Medical division, totally independent from the Office division and in which a staff of technicians and engineers specialized in the management of projects of operating rooms and intensive care area in the various countries of the world is incorporated.
Thanks to the opening in 2017 of the new Dubai office, Adam is today in all respects one of the Italian companies with the greatest imprinting to export capable of responding to any type of need his clients have and is therefore ready to face all the challenges that the international markets and the thriving Italian market present.
2020 is a fundamental year for the company as it marks the 30th anniversary of its birth and Adam presents itself as a consolidated reality, mature and ready to face many other years of growth, success and satisfaction.