Modular patient rooms

First thing first: What does 'Modular' mean?

The patient room has been designed to include all the many advantages of a modular structure. Some of the main peculiarities can be summarized as follow:
  • Dividing open space partition or wall cladding equipped with many surface-mounted accessory 
  • All the surfaces are totally washable and realized with medical grade materials;
  • All the electrical and gas outlets can be installed very quickly inside the wall system without any cut, brake or dust;
  • The maintenance of the internal electrical cable or gas pipelines can be mounted in few minutes without any brake, noise or dust;
  • All the partition elements are modular and, for this reason, they are easier to disassemble and reconfigure;
  • The modular wall can be easily upgraded or integrated with new accessories at any time.
Possible materials to be combined together:
  • HPL Antibacterial panels: resistant to usage, humidity and chemical products;
  • Laminate layered MDF panels: hundreds of colors available with wooden finishes or plain colors;
  • Back painted glass panels: available in any Ral color;
  • Back printed glass panels: available in custom dimensions and printed with high resolution images;
  • Corian back lighted panels: few material colors available, but with many back-printed image solutions;
  • MDF panels: covered with 4 mm of stone with a washable smooth finish.
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