Modular Intesive Care Units

First thing first: What does 'Modular' mean?

Our vision is to create a modern, familiar and comfortable environment in which both the hospital staff and the patients can live the best possible experience.
Our tools of choice are colors, images and RGB dimmable lights always keeping the total control on the antibacterial feature of these specific sensitive areas.
The concept has been created to improve the quality and image of the common hospital areas, where all the treated patients feel to be in a confident and comfortable place and all the details have the typical Italian tailored design touch.
All the options available for the patients will satisfy any specific need during the treatment permanence:
  • Relaxing printed images;
  • Motorized vertical / horizontal curtains to create the maximum privacy grade;
  • Dedicated RGB dimmable lights;
  • All kind of electrical outlets (including USB);
  • Medical gas outlets.
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