Advantages of a real modular environment


Lower costs for civil engineering works

The SALUS Modular System is totally independent from the existing structural walls and pillars. For this reason it reaches the maximum benefits in open-space environments.

No need to build any wall

  • Lower costs for civil engineering works;
  • Reduction of time for O.R.’s construction;
  • Full flexibility for S.O. design (open-space area);
  • The customer can change dimensions and spatial disposition of all the designed areas ‘till the final System production.

All utilities can be inspected, anytime, effortlessly

All utilities find the correct place within the sub-structure thickness.

  • All utilities can be inspected anytime effortlessly;
  • Lower building costs, no need to trace walls;
  • Utilities can be moved and, if any accessory is changed, upgraded;
  • Utilities can be installed together with the structure.

Quick and clean system maintenance

In some cases, there is not a dirt / maintenance corridor available, thus maintenance operations could be performed from the sterile area.

  • The access is easy and quick;
  • The interference with OR scheduled jobs is limited because the maintenance take few minutes.
  • No dust is produced by opening the panels.

90% repositionable system

New Operating Rooms built in a temporary position that can be moved to their final positions by recovering the 90% of the material

  • The whole system can be mounted and disassembled with extreme easiness;
  • In case of renovation, or to change the room final use, it’s possible to move the O.R. in a different place within or outside the Hospital building.

Utilities direct access from maintenance corridor

The system’s flexibility enables the operator to open anytime the covering panels to perform ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance operations.

  • The outside corridor’s panels can be opened anytime to maintain the utilities, without access the O.R.’s sterile area.

Electric shock safe fully grounded structure

The entire structure, if required, can be grounded.

  • Full benefit for the surgical staff’s passive safety.

Fast and easy upgrade of the O.R.

The SALUS Modular System, which uses removable silicone gaskets and the panels hooking system is by gravity, allows the replacement of any panel in very few minutes.

  • It is possible to change the panels’ type and material to apply for future or new technical solutions offered by the market with minimum waste of time and costs. For example: it is possible to realize an operating room today using powder coated panels and replace it, in the future, with a glass one.
  • It is possible to upgrade the operating room in the future in a very simple way and with reduced costs. For example: it will be possible to change an old-fashioned x-ray viewer with a modern PACS unit.