Laminar Air Flow ceiling

  • To reduce airborne pollutants
  • Dilution of pollutants,
  • Stable germ displacement
  • Protection against contamination of instruments.

For the purpose of planning new buildings and renovating exiting operating theatres, clinics use the current spectrum of surgical interventions as well as the spectrum to be expected over the next 5 - 10 years as a basis. As part of the planning process, the fact that antibiotics are becoming increasingly less efficient (build-up of resistance) while physical protection measures will become more and more important is taken into account. 

Sterile instruments are a fundamental component of asepsis in operating theatres. To ensure that they continue to be sterile up to the time they are used, instrument tables must be situated in the protected and sterile area of the operation theatre.

Standard sizes of supply and recirculation air systems

Supply and recirculation air systems can either be supplied in our proven standard sizes or customized to meet the room specifications.

Hermetic Ceiling

Our Ceiling is a compact system made up of metal tiles combined with an hidden structure. It has been equipped with a special neoprene gasket. The rubber profile is installed along all sides of the tiles, between panels and perimeter profiles. The ceiling system has been evolved, with additional technical elements, and designed to ensure greater water resistance between the concrete and the environment below. This strong and compact false ceiling has been realized using planar tiles perfectly joining on an hidden structure with tubular main carrier. The harness and fixing springs of  tiles, the holding gasket between the modules, the strong sealing on to the walls and the special hygienic polishing make it the perfect solution for the OR environments, where there is a high need of safety, security and comfort.

Hermetic Lights

Direct Led light recessed fixture, for energy saving.

It is suitable for installation on modular counter-ceilings panels with hidden and sealed structure.

Body: White thermosetting epoxy powder (at 180° C) painted steel sheet (RAL 9003), previously degreased, phosphate coating and washing. The light is equipped with inside gaskets, that guarantees full protection against dust and water jets (IP65 protection), for the optical compartment and the recessed parts. These features enables this particular light to be fitted in special environments such as the operating rooms.

Optical unit: Available in micro-prismatic polycarbonate optics or in tempered glass. Degree of protection: full IP65


Hospital flooring is stain-resistant and low-maintenance. Operating room’s area floor coverings, with various chemicals and liquids being handled, need to have a high level of stain resistance in order to keep the flooring as clean as possible. Stain-resistant floor coverings help you meet all your hospital area flooring needs. Extremely low maintenance with high slip resistance, our flooring solutions provide excellent indoor air quality to maximize safety and hygiene while maintaining a good level of comfort for your staff.