Powder coated stainless steel panels

Powder coated galvanized steel panels

Surface cladding can be realized with different materials such as powder coated steel, stainless steel and powder coated galvanized steel.

Panel consisting of a laser cut metal sheet (stainless steel / galvanized steel), folded at the four sides and plated with a balancing gypsum plasterboard.

Finished thickness of the panel is equal to 20 mm. The vertical folds are pre-drilled to fix the panel to the substructure fastening hooks.

Steel sheet thickness ranges from 0.8 to 1.00 mm and the plasterboard thickness is equal to 12.5 mm.

The gluing takes place under hydraulic press by free solvents glues.

In the stainless one it is used unpainted steel AISI304 or AISI316 with different degrees of satin finish.

If required, the coating takes place by hot-epoxy polyester powder paint with a minimum thickness of 60 microns.

There is also the antibacterial coating version. In this case it is used a special coating powder additioned with silver ions.