SMS panels

Surface cladding can be realized with different materials such as the Solid Mineral Surface.

One of SMS distinctive features consists in its total hygiene because it is an element free of unevenness and interstices on its surface. It is a neutral material, odorless and tasteless, therefore suitable for contact with items that should not be defiled.

SMS sheets are unaffected by most chemical agents and could be joined with invisible and imperceptible seams. SMS is one of the best solution for hospital OT rooms.

The panels are10 mm thick with an aluminum perimeter frame dim. 40x10mm  1,5 mm thick glued on the back of the SMS with a single component adhesive. The total thickness of the panels is 20 mm.

The SMS panels are a non-porous, extremely hygienic and easy to clean, infection-controlling surfaces that naturally inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria and pathogens. It can repeatedly be repaired and restored.

Antibacterial version available, too.