HPL panels

The HPL panel is formed by an HPL sheet with a thickness of 10 mm, it is glued on the perimeter to a rectangular section frame of extruded aluminum dim. 40x10 mm, 1,5 mm thick.

On the vertical profiles of the frame are fixed the hooks fix the panels on the supporting substructure.

The board is supplied polished and already ‘cut to size’ with beveled edges. Any holes on the panels can be made in factory with numerical control machine or, if it is necessary, even on site using suitable tools.

The HPL laminate is the result of a procedure, which joins layers of cellulose fiber material soaked with thermosetting resins by means of high pressure and high temperature. The result is a compact, homogeneous, non-porous, high-density and extremely scratch-proof and shockproof material.

HPL panels are available with decorative motifs to guarantee highly aesthetic results.