Glass panels

Thanks to our very deep studies about the glass physical properties we have find two different solutions to answer to several customer requests.

The first solution panels are made by toughened back-painted glass panes 10 mm thick with aluminum perimeter frame dim. 40x10 mm  and 1,5 mm thick, glued on the back of the glass with a specially formulated single component adhesive. This kind of glass panes are heat strengthened and thermally toughened. The colored glass panel is obtained by the application of enamel paint on a glass substrate. Through the toughening process the glass panes become very strong and resistant to shocks, chipping and scratches. The second solution panels are made by two materials: glass and corrugated aluminum back-panes glued together. Both the above mentioned solutions reach our strict high-specs resistance, stability and durability requirements.

The glass, between all the specifically chosen materials for O.R. paneling, is one of the best material for the following reasons:

  • Easier to clean;
  • 99,99% (log 4) bacterial activity reduction through O.R. standard cleaning procedure;
  • Green and 100% recyclable;
  • Long lasting material;
  • Bump and scratch free;
  • No restoration or re-painting needed life-long;
  • Non-combustible mineral.

Glass panels are available with decorative motifs to guarantee highly aesthetic results. The Antibacterial version is available, too.

Digital back-printing with ceramic inks

Glass panels can be back-printed with any hi-res digital picture. This solution provide a giant step forward for a better well-being kind of working place.

Our printing technology, which uses ceramic inks, allows maximum adhesion to the print media. The glass is tempered only after printing to create a monolithic surface.

Digital printing can be performed on both glass and HPL surfaces. This feature is a great benefit to improve the work place environment.

RGB light

RGB Multicolor and dimmable led light bands designed to perfectly fit into the planar surface of the side O.R. walls.

This system guarantees optimal efficiency in terms of easy cleaning and perfect custom ambient illumination.

The possibility to customize the color and the quantity of the ambient light gives to all the surgical team members a better place to work.

Air-intake corners

The indoor air extraction element  can be constituted by a structure made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. The constructive characteristics of this element make it easily cleanable.

The four corners of the Operating Theater are inclined at 45°, to allow easy cleaning. They are equipped with an A/C system that draws air from the room. This way no particle of contaminated air can return, due to the turbulence, to the operating area.

Connect Panels

Our Connect panels are designed and built to integrate all kind of utility. They are stainless steel made to allow future integration, guarantee maximum linearity and cutting edge aesthetic.

They are designed to be easily disassembled for quick and easy maintenance.

Connect panels can be integrated with the following utilities:

  • Electrical outlets;
  • Medical gas outlets;
  • Data outlets;
  • Switches;
  • All kind of controllers.