Surgical wash-basin (scrub)

Surgical wash-basin is produced in stainless steel AISI 304 standard finishing and includes several technical details that point out its high quality and particular care.

The material resists to the medical devices commonly used in the healthcare field and the lack of sharp corners guarantee a fast and easy cleaning.

The finishing and dimensions of the wash-basin, with its accessories, can be fully personalized according to the customer’s requirements.

Solid Mineral Surface wash-basin

Stainless Steel wash-basin

Operating table

Electro-mechanical Surgical operating table

  • No oil inside the system
  • Radiolucent Table top
  • Supported Weight of 250 Kg
  • Wide range of movements
  • Different table top articulations
  • Modular sections for all surgical needs

Surgeon and anaesthesiologist ceiling pendants

They can be configured in compliance with any tender specification.

The customer can select from a range of available standard lengths, thus these components can be fully personalized with a broad range of accessories.

The pendant is designed to be handled intuitively with maximum ease.

The enhanced pneumatic brake system ensures smooth controlled movements and maximum reliability in the course of time. It is designed to safely operate within 6 bar pressure system. The control keyboard is placed on the main grip of the shelf to drive all movements intuitively.

Long-lasting top quality components ensure minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.

Surgical Lights

Sterility in the operating theatre is the basic requirement for the prevention of post-operative infections, complication-free treatment and ultimately the success of an operation.

For that reason, ventilation systems in operating theatres have to keep the patient’s wound area and instrument tables sterile and free from airborne micro-organisms.

Surgical lights are the most important source of disturbance to ventilation systems in operating theatres.